Get to know your customers better.

Grow your restaurant business with a powerful survey and social monitoring platform that gives you greater insight into customer satisfaction.

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  • Dashboard showing you an overview of key metrics
  • Powerful trends and reports
  • View mobile survey responses in one place
  • Automated monitoring of social reviews

Monitor social reviews from sites like TripAdvisor, OpenRice and Yelp and gather real-time feedback through mobile-friendly forms your customers can easily and quickly fill in.

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Track your reputation

People are talking about your restaurants on a wide variety of different review websites. We know it's cumbersome to keep track of them all constantly.

2cents allows you to monitor this information in one easy to use place so you'll never miss a thing.

Say bye-bye to paper based customer surveys

Customers scan a QR code (or visit a URL) and they're ready to fill in a simple survey on their mobile phone that takes less than a minute to complete.

Receive daily email reports

At the start of every morning we will send you an email with the feedback we’ve collected the day before.

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